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Johnny Cash in a rare 462 CJ-5

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UPDATE:  Jim notes that this CJ-5 is a very rare example of a 462 model CJ-5.  You can see his comment about it below.  I tried to find some pictures online of a closeup of the decal, but couldn’t find any. 

Also, here’s a picture of Johnny Cash from a 1975 Christmas Album.  It looks like it could be the same jeep.

I stumbled upon these neat old pics of Johnny Cash from the johnny– website.


13 Comments on “Johnny Cash in a rare 462 CJ-5

  1. Jim CorwinGM

    Take note. This is a rare 462 model cj5. There were very few produced in 1970. If you look at the decal on the front fender it is clearly a 462 decal. The only other one I ever saw was at our dealership brand new in 1970. Ours had the decal on the rear left and right corners above the reflectors. Marker lights came later.

  2. deilers

    Jim .. nice catch. I was not aware of that decall, so I thought it was just some random decal. I will add a note in the post about this.


    – Dave

  3. Gerald

    Wow, I saw that thing too and was not sure what it was.

    The CJ-5 guys would love to see the details in these pictures.

  4. Robin Priestley

    I know of four 462s. I own one and would love any information or photographs on this rare bird. A collector, who has the other three, told me about the photographs you posted with Johnny Cash’s 462. Thank you so much!

  5. Mark S.

    What does the 462 designate? I am guessing 4WD, V6 engine, 2bbl. carb. ? Interesting pictures, Thanks.

  6. Scramboleer

    It’s a precursor to the Renegade package. That’s the way I understand it – extra trim plus Dauntless V6, rear locker, rollbar, extra gauges, etc. Hopefully a CJ5 expert will chime in. I’m certainly not one.

  7. Bill Norris

    Just an FYI to this story. I tracked down the owner of the site Dave got this from. Turns out is a lady that is a friend of the Cash family. She told me Johnny didn’t own the Jeep very long. His sister took the kids out for a ride in it, hit a puddle of water and rolled it. He thought it was too dangerous and sold it almost immediately. They have no idea what happened to the Jeep afterwards. These pictures were taken at Johnny’s mother’s house.

    I also have a copy of the 462 press release somewhere. I will dig it out and see if it lists what the numbers stand for. I agree with the ‘4’ and the ‘6’, but I think the two meant something else.


  8. paul nelson

    Robin Priestley : Hi! I do have one that has been verified. I am looking to sell it to a collector for a fair price. I am in North Az. and I do have it consigned on a rare collector’s page but can’t recall the name of the site. Let me know if you’re interested. It has about 3,000 original miles. It’s clean. I am in Overgaard Heber , Az. 85933 Paul Nelson

  9. paul nelson

    The site is and I have it listed for $23,000. which is about $7,000 less than what I am told it can easily sell for in it’s condition. This is in Overgaard, Az. 85933 and I am Paul Nelson. I would like to see it go to a collector who will appreciate it. It has around 3000 orig miles and is nearly original through out. I would like a jeep I can go abuse and some cash in trade or just cash. I do not want to take this out and jeep it because I know how rare it is. (928)535-4608 I can be reached…Paul

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