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1964? Parkette Body and Parts Calhoun, GA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE:**Status Unknown** Was $500. Note the hood looks like a teardrop Bobcat style.

Except for the dash, the body looks good.  This is the third Parkette body I’ve seen in Georgia.

“Its 1946 frame with a 1964 fiber glass body on it. It has been painted with truck bed liner I have a tranny and transfer case that is good. The body’s in good shape its has a few places where the fiberglass has spider webbing. It has a few parts that come with it. I got in on trade just putting it on here to see what else is out there trades are welcome.”



5 Comments on “1964? Parkette Body and Parts Calhoun, GA **Status Unknown**

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Bill,

    I haven’t seen this relisted. If it does reappear, I’ll drop you a note.

    – Dave

  2. Rex Smith

    Hello: I was looking at the Parkette jeep bodies and came across the one you own. I could not believe what I was seeing because this was my jeep project in high school, I grew up in Hayesville N.C, near Hiawassee Georgia. and always wondered where the jeep went, I am sure the jeep is sold by now, but any information about it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for at least giving me great memorys Rex

  3. David Eilers

    Hi Rex,

    Glad the pics prompted some memories! Unfortunately, I don’t have any more information on this Jeep.

    Did you buy the body new? Was it from Paul Parker? I suspect this may be one he brought from his time in the northwest? Especially given it has a rare teardrop style Bobcat hood.


    – Dave

  4. Rex Smith

    Hey Dave..
    I want to first thank you very much for your quick response, and it makes me sad that I could not run it down after all these years. A little history about this jeep and three others in Hayesville N.C. It was here that I fell in love with the beauty of these jeeps. I began my project in the spring of 1974 and located a jeep with the frame that your jeep had. The body on the jeep was terrible {pictures available} and of interest it was a column shift. If you had the jeep early it should have had tires that were labeled stagger blocks. The back tailgate had the PA painted white. As a young kid of 16 I really did not know what I was doing. The teardrop hood was not with the body when I purchased it. The frame should have been much older than a 1964. More like a CJ3A. The hood was a magenta teardrop shape. Paul Parker was the brother of Tommy Parker from Hayesville NC. Tommy and two other friends from Hayesville each built jeeps together using the Parkette bodies. Tommy’s was a magenta paint and clear coated in the mold. Shiny metal flake to boot. Tommy had a V-8 engine placed in his and I believe it to be a chevy 327. Boy was it loud. His friend, Jacky Jones built his using a ford 289 I believe. His was a beautiful blue with clearcoat. The third was build by a gentleman with the last name of Hooper. His was a silver and I believe he left the jeep a 4 cylinder in his. All three had PARKETTE on the tail gate and each had a great set of roll bars, I purchased mine from Tommy and it came as you saw it but I kept the roll cage. I think it was left unpainted for the owner to decide what color to use. I do have 3 pictures of the jeep in progress and Tommy seating in his. The story does have a sad ending. Sometime in the late 90″s Tommy passed away with what I believe was a heart attach. He was so young and someone I admired for what he and the two others were able to accomplish. I have now lived in Greenville SC for 45 years and had lost touch with all who was part of my jeep story. If there is any PARKETE that you know of. please help me put my hands on one Also if you know anything about Paul Parkers where abouts, would you please share with me. Thanks Dave, and I hope this can give some lite to a great jeep. Yours Rex Smith

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