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Home Craft’s “Town & Country” Conversion

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Robin just posted pictures from the June 1950 Issue of Home Craft’s “Town & Country” Jeep Conversion.  This was a two issue project.

He posted high resolution versions of this transformation on FLICKR.

Here are some of the images:





6 Comments on “Home Craft’s “Town & Country” Conversion

  1. DJ Bill

    Wow, those windshield pillars are HUGE. Interesting article. If someone had a jeep body already cut down around the door opening this might be an option…Sure would be unique!

  2. Bob

    Not the best looking this I’ve ever seen. Wonder if anyone did one of these based on the magazine article?

  3. tom in philly

    as a furniture designer it does look goofy. i would leave the original windshield and just start the wood behind the drivers door area, gotta think about it some more.

  4. Robin S

    I just uploaded the conclusion to the project. From the looks of the comments, I doubt there is someone out there anxiously waiting to finish his “Town and Country”. 🙂

  5. mmdeilers Post author


    You never know. 95% of the people I exchange emails with never or rarely comment. I’ll make get that ready for tomorrow. Thanks!

    – Dave

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