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Bob’s Photo of the Valstrey Willys Dealership

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Bob bought this photo at an antique store a couple days ago. Visible in it are trailers, a wagon, and a couple flatties. The sign appears to read  ”145 e. werrick rd, tel. Valley stream 3638″

After some googling, Bob and I determined there was a Valstrey Service Corporation at 145 E. Merrick in Freeport, NY, which is very close the town of Valley Stream, NY. Further research yielded a newspaper ad out of the Brooklyn Eagle (Jan. 22nd 1950, pg 15) showing the Valstrey Service Corp from the address above in a Willys Advertisement (see below).



6 Comments on “Bob’s Photo of the Valstrey Willys Dealership

  1. DJ Bill

    Holy cow….That is the first picture I have seen of an active Willys dealership..and it has not one but THREE bantam trailers out front! Including one with the optional canvas over top bows! Fantastic!!

  2. Bill

    Great old pic! I think this dealership has come up in conversation before…. maybe another old pic? I remember researching Valley Stream recently.


  3. glennstin

    WOW !!! I have that same 14 X 10 picture framed hanging in my entry. I think I bought it at Hershey at least 15 years ago from a vendor that has many B /W pix of oldies. You have to stop at his booth and go thru a huge collection. This is one of the best Willys Dealership shots out there.

  4. Colin

    I have the same photo hanging in my garage that I bought at an antique store many years ago in northern AZ. Your googling did come up with the correct info. I did a blow up on the photo and could see the 145 Merrick address on the sign. A Willys Overland Jeepster Club member, John Cunane, lives in Valley Stream, NY and I sent him a copy of the photo and as a kid, he used to go down there and look at the Jeeps. I supplied a copy of this photo to Bill Norris a couple of years ago and he used it on his May 2012 calendar page. Neat photo, one of the best!

  5. Bob

    What a riot that this picture is all over the place. The one I have looks almost like a half tone under the magnifying glass. I’m going to take it out of the frame and take a closer look at what it is.

    it’s defunct now due to extenuating circumstances, but here is a cool page that Dr. Vern started.

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