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1953 CJ-3A Fresno, CA **SOLD**

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(06/05/2012) Here’s another of the nice flat fenders with the unusual top and expanded windshield.  Looks very nice.  I’d like some better pics to compare with the others, like this one and this one.


Rare 1953 Willy is a spectacular addition to any Jeep enthusiast
• Custom Top
• Custom Paint w/ Ghost Flames
• New Tires & Wheels
• V6 Chevy Motor
• Rebuilt Front End
• New Front & Rear Gears & Bearings
• New Rear Axles
• New Rear Springs
• New 14″ Brakes
• New Radiator
• Lots of Chrome & Stainless
• Studebaker Electric Over Drive”


7 Comments on “1953 CJ-3A Fresno, CA **SOLD**

  1. DC

    They all appear to have a Fresno connection. Maybe there’s a local Fresno refab shop making these? They all have the big windshield, same top, rear fender flares and a v8 or v6. And I think they look to be fiberglass although the one ad says “all original steel”.

  2. deilers

    Of course, now I can’t find my reference to it, but I had heard about a guy in Central California who was specializing in these custom windshields. He may have also specialized in doing the whole jeep modifications, too. You can see all the different modified windshields at

  3. Steve E.

    I saw another Jeep with this custom top and windshield for sale six months ago at the Turlock Swap Meet (near Fresno.) You’re probably right about one guy doing these modifications in Central California.
    **Steve E.**

  4. Chuck Perkins

    I was a small child in Fresno during the 1960’s. My parents belonged to the “Fresno Four Wheel Drive Club”; This ^^^ is the exact type of Jeeps these guys were building back then. The Tops were made by one guy who ‘invented them’ (I think his shop was in Clovis right outside of Fresno). Iirc they were called “Muellar Tops” (spelling?). They all had half doors and typically were used with the “Big Window”. I built a big window for my 46 Cj2a when I was in High School by welding the bottom half of a Cj3b window frame to the top half of a Cj3a frame. I’m sure there are a few of these Jeeps still tucked away in shops and barns. Every now and then I see one pop up for sale around Fresno. I’m thinking I’d like to have one of these 1960’s built flatties!

  5. David Eilers


    I hope to get one of these style of jeeps, too. As I understand it, the guy was a former Ford mechanic?

    Here’s the directions on how to build a Muller Top. One of these was just for sale earlier this year: & for examples.

    Anyway, you can see others using this link: There’s currently one for sale in Boise, one in Albuquerque, and one that pops up for sale every so often in Fort Mohave, AZ (my personal fav

    – Dave

  6. Chuck


    I was just a little kid at the time so Idk if he was an old Ford mechanic. However I’ll ask my Dad what he remembers and show him your really cool site. I enjoyed ya’ll speculating about these ‘California’ Jeeps. These were the style of Jeeps I grew up with. Never considered they weren’t everywhere. Thanks for the links! – I can look at old Jeeps for hours

    (Going tomorrow to look at a 51 CJ-3A listed on your site. Talked with the owner. He sent more pics. It’s a lot rougher, rustier and beat than the craiglist pics show. But has good ‘using’ mechanicals; V6, SM465, Warn OD, Dana 30 front/disc brks/warn hubs, 44 rear/ARB locker/11’drums, Power steering. Don’t need or want another project, but this could be a good Jeep to actually use without worrying about scratching it)

  7. David Eilers

    Good luck with the 3A. Hopefully your Dad will know more.

    Btw, according to a 2010 comment, “There was a retired Ford mechanic in Rancho Cordova, Ca. that was building flatfenders for a while as a hobby. Back in the early 90′s he had built closed to 40. When he picked up a willys that didn’t have a a good windshield,the large windshield is what he put on. He has since passed away.”

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