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Directions for Muller Custom Top

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UPDATE: Hard to believe it has been almost three years since I published this post!

I discovered these directions for the Muller Custom Top in the August 1965 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine that we’ve seen on nicely modified Fresno area Jeeps.  I’m considering building one of these for Biscuit and selling my Kayline.

Page 40 (last page of article) below:1965-08-fourwheeler-muller-top-pg40


9 Comments on “Directions for Muller Custom Top

  1. John

    I was curious whether you still had this magazine and if so could you scan the last part. The Page 17 part of the article ends with, Continued on Page 40. I’m going to try and build one of these for my jeep and was just curious whether the rest of the article had any instructions essential to the build.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Sorry for the oversight John. I’ll locate it and mail the updated instructions.
    If you have the time and patience, I’d love to learn how your project goes. I would like to try building one of these myself some day.

    – Dave

  3. John

    Awesome. Thanks! I’ll definitely send in pics once I get around to trying it. It’s raining here as we speak and the soft top I have on is leaking. I love the site and remember seeing this on some of the Fresno jeeps you’ve posted. Figured I’d give it a shot.

  4. John Hartman

    I will just say that people that are willing to go through the research, and effort after that to make something out of nothing should be highly commended. That trait is becoming very rare.

    That being said, and I’m not asking a question, would it be possible without the way Dave has this site setup to bring the obscure to the forefront of conversation!!!


  5. mmdeilers Post author


    There’s a lot of obscure on this site 🙂
    I occasionally recycle old posts. I’m open to ideas??

    – Dave

  6. John Hartman

    John me or John him? I maybe could have worded that better. I hope you didn’t interpret what I said as anything less than a compliment.

    There are so many resources here if people take the time to look. At that point it takes nothing more than a comment to generate a current discussion. I have no suggestions to improve on that.


  7. mmdeilers Post author

    John Hartman – I was answering you. I didn’t take it as anything negative. There’s some cool stuff that I myself have forgotten is here. I just meant I’m open to ideas on how to bring it forward. It’s a healthy discussion to have.

    The problem is a natural outcome of any large information resource. It’s a problem I ran into when trying to build a visual 3D universal encyclopedia more than a decade ago. It’s a problem Yahoo ran into early on, which led to both a search window AND collections of links with groups of sub links. They abandoned the latter system, and did so for good reason as it became unwieldy. Since the dawn of libraries the question has been, how do you help people find what they want, yet help them discover interesting items they didn’t know existed.

    It’s why I have a menu at the top, menus on the sides and a menu at the bottom. But such a paradigm creates clutter and overwhelms users. I’m okay with that, as my page results are lengthy enough to accommodate such things. Still, there are many great obscure items on this site to which devoting a menu item is impractical.

    An example of a website that has almost no menus or useful links is They have some great content, but they’ve simplified the site to the point that it’s frustrating (maddening actually) to find older posts. They rarely interlink posts, even posts that are Part I one month followed by a Part II the next month.

    One additional thing I could do is add a “from the archive” type of resource, especially when I run out of time for regular updates.

    I still need to build my “how to identify a particular jeep” section. I’ve gathered all the information I need to build it. At one point I reserved to put that information there. I wanted to make it a resource for identifying jeeps, hardtops, trailers, engines, etc. But, I just haven’t had time to create it yet. There are just too few hours in the day.

    – Dave

  8. dan

    This website is truly amazing, so much info and obscure stuff to discover if you take the time to look around. I think you do a great job. I might build one of these tops myself someday. Thanks Dave

  9. David Eilers


    You are welcome. All these categories and tags were something that originated back when I started the site. I REALLY need to reorganize the information, but I still lack time to tackle that task.

    The Muller tops are particularly interesting to me. There have been a couple that have popped up for sale in the last few years, but I’ve never had the time to go get one.

    I’d really like to make one as well; I think it would look good on my custom flat fender.

    – Dave

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