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17 Year Old Nate Completes a Restoration

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UPDATE:  This was originally posted 11/14/2010

Started at age 14, Nate completed his beautiful build this past Easter.  There are a variety of young mechanics working on builds who ping me with questions and comments, so I think it will be a great motivation to them that Nate completed his build. He sets a good example of what hard work can achieve no matter the age.  Congrats Nate!

Nate writes, “I’ve been reading ewillys for about 1 1/2 to 2 years now ….  I fell in love with this jeep when my dad brought it home when I was 8. It was the first first vehicle I learned to drive. I started restoring it when I was 14 in Sept. 2007 (now 17) and the actual jeep was finished on Easter Sunday this past April, 2010. I got the jeep the way I like it last week with the original style soft top. It was a father-son (mostly son) project. I sandblasted the whole frame, and probably spent a week block sanding the body. We made a few modifications: 10” drums, 12v electrical system, overdrive and Cutlas hubs. I got the top from New Life Canvas. I didn’t skimp on anything. I put stainless steel brake lines in, a new harness from Walcks and a lot of original parts from my donor jeeps.. The jeep sports a reproduction body tub (which I made look original), fenders and hood.”

Here’s an image of the pre-restored Jeep:

And post restoration pics:


13 Comments on “17 Year Old Nate Completes a Restoration

  1. Paul

    Very nice, you have a Jeep to be proud of. You have the vision to see beyond the present, the desire to do the necessary work and the determination to turn your dream into reality.

    Well done!

  2. Rich

    Awesome job Nate! Much more impressive than texting 10,000 messages an hour or playing Call of Duty every minute after school. I rebuilt a 1960 CJ-5 in the early 80’s when I was 15 into 16. You should be proud. Don’t ever sell it! you will regret it if you do.

  3. Kurtis Franklin

    I’d love to know what mount was used for the Jerry can on the back. I’m looking for something that can attach to the rear crossmember but not the body itself. That looks suspiciously like something that would fit the bill.

    In any event, that is a fantastic restoration. I’m a bit jealous I must say 🙂

  4. Nate

    Kurtis – I built a mount for the jerry can holder. It bolts to the the draw bar and there is a pin that makes easy removal to open the tail gate. I’ve sent Dave some pics of it.

    yep, no xbox here and I can barely text on my phone. haha. I have another flattie with a 225 that I use for off roading. That keeps me pretty busy.

    Thanks everyone!

  5. Terry

    Nate doesnt happened to have any additional before pics of the snow plow bracket. Specifically where it tied into the frame.


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