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Nate’s Hydraulic Assist For His CJ-3A

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Nate’s at it again. He got to thinking about upgrading his steering on Ted, his CJ-3A. One thing led to another and soon he was developing a fairly non-invasive (no saginaw-like alterations) way of improving his steering. He’s spent the past month and a half writing it up on the earlyCJ-5 page.

Here are a few pics.

powersteering-nate3 powersteering-nate2




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Starting Nate’s IHC Titan 10-20

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Nate’s got this IHC Titan running. Check out how he starts it.

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Nate’s Dual Carb Setup

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Nate’s simple reasoning for installing two carbs on his L-Head (I had two YF carbs and plenty of time) belies his good understanding of how why the carbs add more power (see his explanation in the thread comments). As usual, very nice work Nate!

See all the pictures and discussion at the


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17 Year Old Nate Completes a Restoration

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UPDATE:  This was originally posted 11/14/2010

Started at age 14, Nate completed his beautiful build this past Easter.  There are a variety of young mechanics working on builds who ping me with questions and comments, so I think it will be a great motivation to them that Nate completed his build. He sets a good example of what hard work can achieve no matter the age.  Congrats Nate!

Nate writes, “I’ve been reading ewillys for about 1 1/2 to 2 years now ….  I fell in love with this jeep when my dad brought it home when I was 8. It was the first first vehicle I learned to drive. I started restoring it when I was 14 in Sept. 2007 (now 17) and the actual jeep was finished on Easter Sunday this past April, 2010. I got the jeep the way I like it last week with the original style soft top. It was a father-son (mostly son) project. I sandblasted the whole frame, and probably spent a week block sanding the body. We made a few modifications: 10” drums, 12v electrical system, overdrive and Cutlas hubs. I got the top from New Life Canvas. I didn’t skimp on anything. I put stainless steel brake lines in, a new harness from Walcks and a lot of original parts from my donor jeeps.. The jeep sports a reproduction body tub (which I made look original), fenders and hood.”

Here’s an image of the pre-restored Jeep:

And post restoration pics:

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Nate’s Newest CJ-3A

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NOTE:  Nate needs NOS Amp and Temp Gauge for his new CJ-3A (or ones in good shape.  If you have them, you can email him at bolducn20 [at]

You might remember Nate’s last two rebuilds.  Well, he managed to find a stock, solid CJ-3A in the Northeast.  Kudos to him for that find.  It looks great.

Nate’s Custom suspension Build
Nate’s Ideas
Nate’s Stock Build

(See all three of his jeeps in the bottom picture)

Nate writes, “Anyways, the one I picked up a month or so ago is truly a rare jeep for the northeast and one that I have been searching for. The body has very little rot, all the original wiring is intact and every thing works, lights, brake light, horn, and vacuum wiper. It runs great also. I had to do a little tinkering with it to get it running good, just as good as my ’53. It also has decent breaks now too. It was missing some parts that I located like a passenger hand wiper, battery hold down, matching ’49 license plates, one seat pan and a spare tire/carrier. I added the dualmatics.

Only things I need for it are two original gauges and it is back to 100% original. The ones I need are an amp and temp gauge. If anyone has both, please let me know.

We think it came from Tennesee. On the tailgate, very faintly it says “DAVIS HOLLOW SECURITY PATROL”. We researched that and there is a seasonal campground in Tennessee by that name. There were other places too, all down south. Someone at one time painted the entire thing, and I mean everything (even the grease) with the red primer. The original color was Luzon red which can be seen in many places. Makes me want to remove the primer to bring out the original paint. Even the frame is still black in a few places!”

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Nate Completes Another Build

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Readers will remember that at age 17, Nate finished his first flat fender build, a 1953 CJ-3A.  Not content to spend 2011 driving his jeep, Nate emailed me today sharing with me that he spent the past year building a second jeep with a custom suspension.  He’s been sharing his project with the folks over at earlycj5 site and has a variety of pictures that show build from start to finish.  Well done again Nate! (Some readers might also remember Nate’s ideas)

I only posted one pic below.  Here are all the pictures:

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Nate has some ideas to share

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As part of his CJ-3A restoration Nate left his unique mark on his build with a variety of creative solutions.  You’ll enjoy these.

1. “I mounted my body with hockey pucks and valve springs. I did this to my offroad beater too, and they seem to work quite well.”

2. “I made some doors on my harrison heater to get some more heat to the driver’s side.”

3. “I made a removable jerry can holder that bolts to the rear draw bar. This works really well. I carry about 3 gallons in it, and haven’t had any problems.”

4. “To put turn signals in the 3A grille, I made 8 of these spacers (4 per side) to space out the lens to fit the bigger bulb.”

5. “Instead of having a switch on the dash to turn the reverse light on, I made this bracket with a push switch (one that doesn’t click and locks in the “on” position) to turn it on. The plunger is what activates it. This is a really handy mod.”