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Nate’s Hydraulic Assist For His CJ-3A

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Nate’s at it again. He got to thinking about upgrading his steering on Ted, his CJ-3A. One thing led to another and soon he was developing a fairly non-invasive (no saginaw-like alterations) way of improving his steering. He’s spent the past month and a half writing it up on the earlyCJ-5 page.

Here are a few pics.

powersteering-nate3 powersteering-nate2





3 Comments on “Nate’s Hydraulic Assist For His CJ-3A

  1. Nate

    Bill, I did this because I wheel this Jeep an awful lot and if you notice I have a pto winch. There is no room for a regular Saginaw box. I also want to keep the stock appearance too. Sometimes with the front locker engaged (I have air operated ox lockers front and back), it is difficult to steer in tight places. This is just another option for those who are looking to put in power steering and it opens the door for those who have pto winches. Plus I could do it and it is way cool!

  2. johnfromsc

    Nate, I’m wondering if you considered putting in a modern electric power steering that goes inside under the dash and doesn’t require belts and hydraulics?

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