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1974 CJ-5 Sandusky, OH $49,000

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Bob forwarded this unusual CJ-5. I think calling this a custom CJ-5 is an understatement. The price is surprising.

“For Sale by owner. 1974 CJ5 Classic Jeep. One of a kind Jeep. $49,000. Mileage: ~ 15,200. Original Owner. Stored in Heated Garage. Recently restored/repainted. Different from every other jeep in the world! Significantly different dual rear wheels. Call Sheila at 419-626-1979 x200 .

See us at YouTube:

1974-cj5-dually-sandusky-oh3 1974-cj5-dually-sandusky-oh2 1974-cj5-dually-sandusky-oh1


13 Comments on “1974 CJ-5 Sandusky, OH $49,000

  1. Joe

    Now I’ve seen everything! And what might be the purpose of such modification? I’d really like to know “why”. I don’t see a trailer hitch or fifth wheel back there. And $49K: really???

  2. Andrew Bowen

    Short wheelbase in an area with high winds most of the year and snow half the year I can see adding duals for stability. Nice mods (except for the lights going to the side?). 49k???? is there an extra 0?

  3. Paul

    The pictures prove this one of a kind vehicle was designed by Salvador Dali and built by Timothy Leary with parts purchased from a discount parts store run by an AD/HD counterman. Let’s see, plenty of extra headlights…check, enough taillights to outfit six normal cars…check, more gauges in the dash than are commonly found on a midsize regional jet…check and (best of all) a stupidly high price…check! What a smoking deal.

  4. Bob

    I saw this last night when I sent it to Dave and laughed out loud! I can’t imagine why someone would do this. What could all those gauges possibly do? And for that matter how could you monitor all of those… Maybe that’s where the co pilot comes in?

    Maybe there’s a gauage for each light?

  5. Andrew Bowen

    I think there are two gauges set up to monitor how well / if the other gauges are working.

  6. frankthecrank58

    this may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” so to speak; but from a fabrication standpoint it’s fairly well done. having said that, i wouldn’t own it

  7. Paul

    Hey Frank, I can’t imagine tea drinking was involved during the design and fabrication process of this vehicle. To achieve a finished product such as this massive quantities of alcohol need to be consumed. Geeze, this thing’s got more headlights than a proctologist convention.

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