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1948 Jeepster Fenton, MO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“Finished in yellow and blue, this Jeepster was restored and painted with PPG two stage paint, applied by John Johnson, then topped off with beautiful hand-painted graphics and pinstriping, done by Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan of Monster Garage fame. The paint is absolutely incredible, showing no imperfections and shining like the day it was finished! The customization didn’t stop at the paint job … this Jeepster has shaved suicide doors and a shaved power trunk! The front end of the Jeepster is all tube style with coil-overs and the rear end is a bulletproof Ford 9” 31 Spline. Not only was this rig made to turn heads, it was made to actually drive! More info on eBay”



2 Comments on “1948 Jeepster Fenton, MO **SOLD**

  1. mark

    not much left of the ’48 in this ’48. Front fenders and grill are from a ’50-51, the doors are hacked and chopped, power trunk??

    It’s really cool looking and probably hauls buns but for the price most hot rodders would do a convertible not a phaeton. These old Jeepster just don’t usually bring the price for some reason.

  2. Colin Peabody

    For a custom Jeepster, this is nice, not much left that is original including the VIN plate, which has been altered. The numbers 463 are not done in the same font number stamp as the last 5 numbers. 463 designated a 4 cylinder 2 wd chassis for a 46-early 1950 Willys, however Jeepster numbers were mixed in with station wagon and delivery vehicles in 1948-49 and Jeepster serial numbers started with 463 65199. This plate probably came off a 1946 CJ2A and somebody stamped the 463 on it to make it look like a Jeepster serial number and still didn’t get those numbers in a straight line!. The CJ2A serial number plate would have had the production number on it only, with the CJ2A body plate separately on the firewall. The Willys serial number plates on Jeepsters and most of their products were attached with 4 small screws, not rivets.

    A lot of money tied up in a custom Jeepster that has limited appeal, and I am a Jeepster owner and lover. I also have a 1953 CJ3A and a 1960 DJ3A Surrey.

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