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March 24: Bernie’s Hotrod FCs and A Train Stop

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On Sunday March 24th, we made a quick visit back to the FC Roundup to get some better pics of Bernie’s rig. After that, we spent the afternoon exploring the Phoenix area. That evening, we drove south to Tucson.


Our evening drive on Sunday was a short one.

We began the morning at the FC Roundup. Yesterday, I posted a couple pictures of Bernie’s FC. Here are some of the more interesting details:

1) This uses only aviation fuel
2) The engine’s exhaust is partially vented inside the boxed frame
3) The rear and side windows still need completing
4) The cab and the bed both tilt
5) There is no driveline. The transmission is coupled to the rear pinion using a drag racing coupler















After we left the FC Roundup, we ventured north, stopping at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. The park has large trains, train rides, and model trains. I even managed to find a couple tiny jeeps within the train model theme landscapes. If you are ever near this park, stop in and take a look. Cool place for kids of all sizes.  The one thing they were missing were hy-rail jeeps. Below are some pics:


This cool sculpture is located at the entrance of the model train exhibit. I could see doing something similar with jeeps.


Inside of the model train exhibit.


A pair of wagons, but not hy-rails.


Another jeep.


A popular train ride around the park. The train costs money, but exploring the park is free.


Just us in front of a train used for kids’ birthday parties.

On Sunday evening we left Phoenix and drove down to Tucson. where we spent the night.

<– Day 6 – March 23: Bernie’s Hotrod FCs and A Train Stop | Overview | Day 8 – March 25: Tucson, A Titan, and Tombstone –>



One comment on “March 24: Bernie’s Hotrod FCs and A Train Stop

  1. mark

    finest I’ve ever seen. thanks for bringing it to the group. I hope you have some more pics of the other FCs and the box truck in Jesse’s garage. I wish we were there but you and your camera are the next best thing. Mark

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