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V-7 Body Works out of Chicago

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UPDATE II: I’ve added these two very rare photos from FB posted by Martin Sturm showing his grandmother next to a CJ-2A equipped with a V-7 Bodyworks hardtop.

v7-bodyworks-hardtop-photo1 v7-bodyworks-hardtop-photo2


UPDATE: Thanks to Jennifer, the granddaughter of the creator Sam Sevin of the V-7 hardtops, we now know who created them. There are newspaper clippings that indicate the company operated for a short time, roughly from 1948-1949. The company was formed by Sam and his brother Sol Sevin. Unfortunately, it appears the company didn’t not get the orders they’d hoped and was forced out of business.


Originally Posted April 28, 2013: V-7 Body Works in Chicago offered these two different woody tops, a half-top and a wagon model, for CJ-2As in 1948. I tired to find out more information the company, but had no luck.



7 Comments on “V-7 Body Works out of Chicago

  1. Jennifer Sevin

    This is an old post, but my father was just telling me that his dad came up with a Jeep top design called the V7 after the war. The creator was Sam Sevin.

  2. David Eilers

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your comment. That’s some great info! I’d enjoy including on the post any other details of this rare top that you can learn. Any idea why it’s named the V7 for example? Feel free to email me directly at

    Many thanks!

    – Dave

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