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1961? DJ-3A Ambulance Sint Truiden, BE 17,500 Euros

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Marc spotted this unsual DJ-3A. The back has been extended and the dash contains a glovebox, but otherwise there’s lots of DJ-3A elements here. I didn’t know there were DJ-3A ambulances. Anyone ever seen one?

“Fully equipped DJ3A ambulance, well restored over the past years, very good technical condition, new tyres, good condition canvas softtop, etc…”

dj3a-ambulance4 dj3a-ambulance3 dj3a-ambulance2 dj3a-ambulance1

dj3a-ambulance12 dj3a-ambulance11 dj3a-ambulance10 dj3a-ambulance9 dj3a-ambulance8 dj3a-ambulance7 dj3a-ambulance6 dj3a-ambulance5


4 Comments on “1961? DJ-3A Ambulance Sint Truiden, BE 17,500 Euros

  1. Leo

    This one really puzzles me, the three on the tree and other details are consistent with the DJ3A, but the lengthened body and chassis are not, and a military ambulance with no 4wd ??, the 60/40 seat is more CJ5 or wagon like. it certainly is NOT US Army, but thats just paint, so what is it ?
    The body/chassis job seems well done, was it done in an Belgian army depot?, and why a DJ? Was it an ambulance? if you look at the length of the folded stretchers… they don’t seem to fit inside, and I don’t see hooks or something in the interior to hang the stretchers…
    The Jeep seems to be first registered in september 1961
    And then the price, that is completely over the top, that is about 23.000$us ! It’s also posted on a German website
    Oh wait, I just found the sellers own site, through the German site, its Mechanic Import also selling under the name “Speedfarm” and he has among a lot of classic sportscars a “48 MB” wich is really a Hotchkiss M201 for almost 20.000$US !!!!
    I think this “ambulance” is a Frankenjeep, but it sure does look the part !!
    Thanks for the puzzle Dave

  2. Buz

    This jeep does rate an F for fantasy, and Frankenjeep is also a good description. Almost looks like those fantasy militarized civilian jeeps that show up on ebay frequently. Why wouldn’t you just restore it as a stock DJ3A ?

  3. DJ Bill

    Maybe a made for the movies special?? The 60/40 seat is actually a DJ item, although there is no way to tell from the pics if it is a CJ5 seat converted or what it is. Someone did a lot of work on it for certain.

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