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Ad for Hickey 4×4 in Four Wheeler Magazine

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I ran across this unusual ad for the complete setup for an unusual 4×4 in the February 1964 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine. The prototypes and parts were being sold by Vic Hickey (or he was acting as an agent). Anyone have more information on this? It appears to be a four wheel drive dune buggy.



6 Comments on “Ad for Hickey 4×4 in Four Wheeler Magazine

  1. daz

    wow! I’ve seen a lot of Hickey ads but never this one. In what mag/publication did you find it?
    It’d be interesting to know what happened to the vehicle as well. really cool.

  2. mmdeilers Post author


    Just today I received the January 1964 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine that contains an entire article about the Hickey vehicle. So, I’ll be updating this post in a few days with that info.

    The ad above came from the February 1964 issue and is on the first page after the cover.

    – Dave

  3. daz

    It’s just cool to see an ad that he probably ran himself, seeing as the address given is not a business but a private residence.

    Thanks Dave! Going to have to share this with some online friends(if that’s ok of course?!).

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Absolutely … would enjoy learning more about this rig. I’m sure someone still owns it.

  5. daz

    I posted with the crew over at and from what a few have said already, it looks like you’re looking at the beginnings of today’s Chevy Blazer! Apparently GM bought the rights to it. I had heard he designed what was to become the Blazer but had no idea this may have been the start. He also helped design lunar vehicles for NASA back in the day.
    This was possibly called the Trail Blazer.

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