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Bill’s Report From Alaska

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Bill filed a report on his trip to Alaska.

He writes, “Back from Alaska – assumption going, it would be the land of 4 wheel drives and lots of jeeps old and new.  Reality – the Toyota sedan is the vehicle of choice, Jeeps on the road from Fairbanks to Seward numbered about 2 dozen – none Willys era.  Bubba lives up there – see the M38A1 grafted to a Willys wagon, the Willys truck with a Ford or Chevy bed and the Willys truck with wire wheels.  There was a CJ3B fire truck I saw.

DSCN2591 DSCN2594 DSCN2595 DSCN2597 DSCN2598

DSCN2600 DSCN3072 DSCN3126 DSCN3195


6 Comments on “Bill’s Report From Alaska

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Ah, Alaska. Land of Individualists who refuse to conform to social norms in regards to the appearence of their vehicles…

  2. Robert Anderson

    Agree on the first picture being very creative and quite cool !!
    May want to try that as my next project …

  3. JW

    After living in Fairbanks for about 5 years I came to the conclusion Bubba in the lower 48 has nothing on Bubba in AK. I’ve lived more than a few places in the world and IMO AK rural ingenuity is among the best.

  4. Steve E.

    I finally came across a Jeep I thought was ugly! The hardtop and grill on that M-38A1 from a Willys Wagon is just out of place. I’ve always wanted to see what ’32 Ford spoke rims would look like on a Willys since I almost bought a nice set of four. Not bad….but very different looking. That CJ-3B with a pumper on the front would be fun to have.

    Great comment, Penn. Steve. Even better response JW!

    **Steve E.**

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