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Safari-Kar International DJ-5 Brochure

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Thanks to Gayland for sharing this brochure and much more. I’ve got to go through the rest and figure out a good way to share some info, but I thought this was worthy of it’s own post.

Note: Another firm started up about the same time as Safari-Kar on the east coast.

Safari-kar international brochure

safari-kar-brochure2 safari-kar-brochure3 safari-kar-brochure4


One comment on “Safari-Kar International DJ-5 Brochure

  1. J.R. Welsh

    I believe this is the outfit that rehabbed all the old postal jeeps that the Carmen used in the yards in California. San Bernardino, Stockton, Richmond, Barstow to name a few. They were around until the late 90’s or early 2000’s and then scrapped. There was still one in Barstow a few years ago when I worked there.

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