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‘Lola’ Tackles the Borders of Texas

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This article from the June 1955 issue of Willys News shares the brief story of Frank Tolbert’s 5,000 mile trip around the state of Texas. Accompanying Frank were Frank, Jr., and a CJ-5 then named Lola.

I have found a series of articles published over successive weeks in the Dallas Morning News about their trip. However, I have to sign up and pay a fee to use it. Anyone have free access? I would like to see what the article say before having to buy anything.

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6 Comments on “‘Lola’ Tackles the Borders of Texas

  1. Colin Peabody

    While growing up along the Arizona Mexico border 50+ years ago, the US Border Patrol used Jeeps exclusively, and had brooms mounted on the rear to sweep behind them. When they came back through, they looked for footprints, then followed them. When rounding up the “strays” they used Parkway Conversions to haul them back to the office in Douglas where they would be processed for deportation. Arizona’s southern border is some pretty rough country as well.
    We used a 51 Jeep 4WD pickup for our tough jobs on the ranch. One winter, the snow was so deep across the southern part of Arizona, the only vehicle moving in our area was that old Jeep truck, until I was able to get out to one of the Cat road graders my employer had left a few miles from our place.

  2. Dennis in Astoria

    Doug, I found a Frank on Facebook. Not sure if he is the same guy but I did send him a message.

  3. Steve E.

    I don’t hear of anyone driving the 5,000 miles along the Texas border these days to see if they are still all there. Texans are smart enough to know that the borders are now gone in some locations.

    Collin, great stories! I like hearing how the old Jeeps were used. Did the Border Patrol use Parkways or did they use Travellers to transport the lawbreakers they picked up? Or, both? Travellers have bench seats in the rear facing in. And I wonder if that was even safe.

    What color were the Border Patrol Willys Wagons? Were they two-tone, white and green, or just one color? I recently bought a Border Patrol Traveller that needs restoration, and I’m trying to figure out the color scheme under the existing paint. I’m afraid that any old photos will only be in black & white, to I have to rely on someone else’s memory. I’ve never seen on in service.

    I may want to repaint it with the original color scheme some day depending on how it looked. I see an off-white color, and light green in some places under the hood. The interior looks like it’s original paint, and it’s off-white everywhere inside. It’s a ’63 and has the late model “Zee trim” on the sides, so it could have been two-tone paint.

    **Steve E.**

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