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1955 Generator Test

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This June 1955 article highlights a 30-hour Jeep PTO generator test run.

1955-06-willys-news-generator-text1 1955-06-willys-news-generator-text2


3 Comments on “1955 Generator Test

  1. Mark S.

    The jeep is 7 years old in the photo, but you would think that Bert would have given that Willys hood alittle more respect. I imagine that would have caused a pretty good oil-can dent.

  2. Phil in Mt

    Ya the good old days, the rcvr is a HQ 129x and the transmitter is a Johnson Ranger 2 75 watts cw, 50 watts Am. I dont think the fuel comp is something to brag about, 2 gal hr ,only if gas is 29 cents a gal I guess. You could get 50 kw from that now. 73s WA7OPY

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