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Topeka Hiway Mower Park City, UT Best Offer

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UPDATE: Jean would like to see this saved rather than send it to salvage. She’s moving, so it has to go. I drove up to Kimball Junction in Utah on Wednesday to get some better photos. The mower is a mix of jeep and non-jeep parts.   You can contact Jean at jnbpc  @ if interested in the mower. I have other photos.

This ‘Tornado’ Topeka Hiway Mower is different from other Topeka mowers I’ve featured. One of the biggest differences is the front grill area. All the Topeka’s I’ve seen have an angled front grille area like these. The front of Jean’s model has a more typical tractor front.

Jean hasn’t used it much over the last seven years. The motor was rebuilt around that time and has had very little use since. It is four wheel drive, has a transfer case, and a continental engine.


The front of this Topeka has a more typical tractor grille.


Are these FC suspension mounts?


Note the centered pumpkin. The Topeka uses a Dana 18 transfer case, so the driveline is angled.


Dana 18 with an interesting mounting system.


Continental motor.


This is a large photo. The dana dual sticks sit quite a ways behind the T-90 transmission.

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6 Comments on “Topeka Hiway Mower Park City, UT Best Offer

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    As far as I know, it is still sitting there. Here is Jean’s number 435-962-7326

  2. David Eilers


    I don’t know. I haven’t been up there in a couple years. I suspect at the price listed, it didn’t move.

    – Dave

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