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DJ-3A Used as Pick up & Delivery Vehicle

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This March 1956 article from Willys News explains how some dealerships were using the DJ-3A as a drop off vehicle. A driver from the dealership would drive the jeep to a vehicle owner’s house, pickup the car, hook the jeep’s hitch to the customer’s car, and then drive the car to the dealership for maintenance. After servicing it, a driver would bring the car back to the customer’s house, jeep in tow, and return in the jeep.



4 Comments on “DJ-3A Used as Pick up & Delivery Vehicle

  1. Mike

    I remember the local Pontiac dealer, King Pontiac in Garfield, NJ using this method with a 3 wheel Harley Davidson motorcycle in the 1950’s. The reason this style of pick up & delivery failed, was because the temporary hitch attached to the rear bumper, scratched the chrome on the customer’s car.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    What is it with customers and scratched up chrome? The ad said free pickup and delivery, not free pickup and delivery free of scratches! 🙂

  3. colin peabody

    There was a small bumper adjustable hitch that basically clamped over the edges of the rear bumper and some even had a rubber pad that fit between the hitch and the bumper to avoid scratches. You didn’t want some lot boy driving a high performance 57 Chevy towing a DJ3A back to and from the dealership who wanted to burn rubber in the Chevy! With the advent of different styled bumpers in the late 1950s and beyond, those clamp on hitches would not have worked., and obviously there were lawyers who made a good living out of making mountains out of molehills. We became a litigious society!!!

  4. Lew

    Im sure we all remember the mass of those bumpers (and doors from our young fingers). Over the years I have fished a lot of mountain streams where old junkers were dumped to stabilize an eroding bank. There are a lot of vehicles with still sound bumpers on some of those stream banks. The chrome plating was quite substantial as well and is still there on many. You could have hung a DJ3 from one of them. Not sure you could do that today.

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