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1945? CJ-2A Clay Springs, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE **SOLD** Was $6000.

(01/09/2016) Joe spitted this odd jeep.

“1945 Willey’s Jeep just like in the TV show *M*A*S*H. Great condition – runs like a champ, and yes it can go between 55-60 mph… appraised above 10K. Call for more information.”

year-cj2a-claysprings-az1 year-cj2a-claysprings-az2


5 Comments on “1945? CJ-2A Clay Springs, AZ **SOLD**

  1. Minnesota Chris

    I guess I’m an appraiser too and would like to appraise my parts jeeps at $6000 each. 😉 . I’m sorry, there is no way this jeep was appraised for that. That poor L head must be screaming going 60 mph. Too many modifications and body work. As a purists and a self proclaimed “jeep appraiser”, not having the drain holes knocks $6000 off the price. Lol.

  2. frankthecrank58

    I was thinking the same. This has value, of course, but not to the tune of 6 large. And I know from experience that 55 mph is making that engine scream for mercy. Especially with 5:38 gears

  3. Idaho Todd

    I would like this fella to appraise all my jeeps. Then my wife can see that I bought them for investments! And it looks EXACTLY like the ones in the show m*a*s*h…well except the color. And body mods. Seats. Wheels. Tires. Windshield frame. Bumper. Towbar. Parking lights. Drainholes. Lift kit. Second gas tank. Mirrors. Model and year. Vehicles actual top speed. Actual value. But other than that, pretty darn close!

  4. Cody R. Maverick

    You know what? After I’ve had an off day, nothing picks up my spirits faster than coming to eWillys and seeing some of the educational, albeit hilarious responses to posted ads.

    Thanks guys for the laugh! Yeah….just like in M.A.S.H., except for ………. ha ha ha ha ha


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