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1962 DJ-3A Long Beach, CA $6500

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UPDATE: The seller is selling the rest of the DJ collection as well.

This convertible DJ-3A looks pretty stock. Note the flatly in the back ground of the first pic. Looks like it might be a DJ-3A or Surrey that someone modified. Also of note, the rear top bow has an extra piece across that top of it.

“Selling a nice Willys dispatch jeep. 2wd have paper work reflecting over 4 k worth of work. Runs/ drives. Sweet little runner”

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1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca8 1962-dj3a-longbeach-ca9


6 Comments on “1962 DJ-3A Long Beach, CA $6500

  1. Idaho Todd

    Wow! I don’t give this little jeep too long. Looks like original paint, 5 hub caps, fresh air heater too. Wish I was into flatties more…very nice and priced right.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    That’s a standard windshield for the convertible. The thing that differentiates it from a 3B windshield is the twist connectors along the top (rather than a channel for the top like 3As, 3Bs, and Cj-5s).

    This is a closeup of the top of my windshield:

    You can see the same jeep with its soft top from an eBay auction back in 2010.

    – Dave

  3. Glennstin

    Colin and I have chased this one since Feb. 2010 when I was outbid at the end of an eBay auction. Dave had it listed here on eWillys showing just 3 miles less than this ad. It was sold out of Bedford, Mass. looking better, at least in the pix shown then, and included a convertible top. Maybe the top flew away on the trip west. It had an engine issue in 2010, maybe part of the 4 grand the seller claims spent on it. There were issues underneath the body that may or may not have been repaired. It is one of the few convertible models existing today. If my garage wasn’t stuffed for the winter, I’d probably be chasin’ it again. Contact either Colin or I for more 2010 details, but understand we’d lost contact with it since.

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