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Warn’s “Summer Hubs” Hub Caps & Others

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UPDATE: Matt spotted a here-to-for unseen set of hubs. They are listed as #7.

Most know that Arthur Warn’s jeep-related business began with his introduction of the summer hubs, designed to allow the front axles to spin freely. They came packaged in red, green, or blue boxes. As you can see in this ad, Warn advertised them as “hub caps”, but their use during summers led people to call them “summer hubs”. He also credited them with all kinds of benefits.


Ad was posted to the CJ-2A page. I don’t have a date for it.

But, few know that there were two different types of Warn summer hubs. In addition, there were also at least three different other summer hubs produced.

  1. According to this thread on the CJ-2A page forum, the first type produced was the waffle version:
  2. This example shows the second version. They were larger and had dimples:
  3. Ted introduced me to the Kurtland-branded hubs. He’s got them for sale on eBay.
    ted-jordan-kurland-hubs-backs-lores1 ted-jordan-kurland-hubs-backs-lores2
  4. A photo of these unbranded, aluminum (non-magnetic) hubs were posted to the CJ-2A page by Bruce W. If you recognize them, please let us know the manufacturer.
  5. Bruce M. posted this photo of an FEG branded summer hub to the CJ-2A page.

  6. Andy shared pics of this flange familiar to M-38A1 enthusiasts, the Clary Flange:

7. This set appeared on eBay in October of 2018. No indication of model or maker:

summer-hub-10-spline1 summer-hub-10-spline2
If anyone knows or has photos of other summer hubs, please let me know!


6 Comments on “Warn’s “Summer Hubs” Hub Caps & Others

  1. Matt

    Interesting.. I picked up a set of the early waffle type hubs a while back. They’re in pretty good shape, not sure if I should polish them or just clean them up a little and run them.

  2. Brian in Fenton

    Is there a ‘bearing’ inside these Summer Hubs to support the shaft/spline but it does not ‘drive’ anything?

  3. Bob

    The warns inhad did indeed have a large caged needle bearing in them that I heard was next to impossible to find.

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