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Fixin’ Patterson’s Windshield

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Another item I tackled yesterday was Patterson’s windshield, specifically the twisters and a rear view mirror.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized Patterson didn’t have a rear view mirror. Fortunately, I had the mount from Rusty and a nearly correct mirror thanks to Chris McKay. This is before I added the mirror:


And after the mirror. 2017-05-20-windshield2

Next I addressed a couple of broken twisters. These are one of the unique features of a DJ-3A Convertible. The windshield is nearly like a CJ-3B, accept for the way the convertible top is supposed to attach to the windshield. Instead of a sliding mechanism, it uses those twisters. Two of Patterson’s twisters were broken. I had a few that I removed from Rusty (most of Rusty’s were broken), so I installed two of those onto Patterson. 2017-05-20-windshield3

The windshield is now complete and ready for a convertible top.


2 Comments on “Fixin’ Patterson’s Windshield

  1. Barry West

    Alrighty then, it looks like you can do two things at one time but cannot confirm if you can chew gum along with the two things. Patterson is coming along but I like that outside work bench. Also have you taken Patty’s head off yet?

  2. David Eilers Post author


    While the sun’s a shining and the temperatures warm, I’m completing as many different tasks as I can that don’t require me to run to the store to buy parts. I will get to the head soon, but for the next few days my focus is getting stuff fixed/assembled. The head/engine is something that can be disassembled in the garage in the rain.

    – Dave

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