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Patterson’s Windshield Sprayer

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One unique feature that came with Patterson is this foot pump activated windshield sprayer. This is how the bag looked when we bought it. The top was corroded and the bag was empty and dirty.  You can see the hose running from the top to the firewall.


Under the dash, the hose ran to the pump.


Here’s the whole system after the parts were cleaned up.


Unfortunately, the rubber on the pump isn’t any good. I found an NOS food pump on eBay that’s affordable, but would love to find the same pump again.
2017-05-22-allstate-windshield-washer3Here’s a close up of the Allstate pump. Perhaps it was a dealer option in California?

A couple closeups of the sprayer. Looks like the rubber could use replacing.

2017-05-16-washer-cowl1 2017-05-16-washer-cowl2

This might be an example of the box. I found the pic on google. It has the same type face as what’s on the bag.



6 Comments on “Patterson’s Windshield Sprayer

  1. Barry West

    Hmm….did you make contact with anyone on eBay to ask if they any viable parts?

  2. Brian in Fenton

    Back in broke college days, I had the beater Nova washer pump fail. Two vacuum check valves, some hose and a small plastic hotel shampoo bottle and I was back in business.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Jim: There was a good candidate for $20 (including shipping) on eBay, but the ad must have just ended. I’ll keep my eye on eBay.

    Brian: Nice improvisation 🙂

  4. jerry

    I have one of these in the box, I believe it’s all there screws and all, nice and minty 🙂
    any one know what the value of this would be ?

    sorry for the necro post 🙂

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Jerry, I think I paid $50 for mine on eBay. And, I only paid that much so I could restore my old one.

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