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Good Day

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We had a good day of work on Patterson today. First up, we confirmed that all the lights, blinkers, and even the hazards work. The brake lights don’t work yet, but that’s related to the master cylinder. I’ve ordered a dual master cylinder system from R&P, which ought to solve the brake issues.

The last electronic issue to debug is the heater motor. That’s on deck for tomorrow morning.

We took a look a closer look at Patterson’s engine and concluded it needs a full rebuild. There are multiple areas of pitting on the piston walls. Examples:


Wall of piston #4. Several instances of pitting.


Pitting on #2

So, we turned our attention to Rusty’s engine, one that is marked as a rebuild. Ann tackled the cleaning of it. It was supposed to be a “good enough” job, which she surpassed.

2017-05-29-ann-cleaning-blockAnd, we learned that the mid 1940s head of Rusty’s was mated to a late 1952 M-38 block. I pulled the head, which came off nicely, revealing a beautiful copper gasket, and all the pistons looked great. So, the plan is to pull Patterson’s engine and rebuild that and install Rusty’s engine in Patterson and give that a go.


Late M-52 Casting number. (Handy block and number)


Mid 1940s head. (Handy head chart)

Another item I tackled today was the new stainless radiator. Whomever install the radiator placed it too high, which forced the hood to bend upward when closing the hood. This did not please me, so I reinstalled it low enough to avoid the hood. It took a little maneuvering, but it fits now!


Radiator cap now sits low enough.


9 Comments on “Good Day

  1. Rennie

    I thought R&P 4WD closed shop. When you have time, could you share their contact information? Thank you.

  2. Barry West

    Coming along nicely and I must say Dave you do a good job of pointing things out as the first photo proves! Was it your idea for Ann to hang the shop light where it is? If I did attach it to my back pocket and needed it I would be searching everywhere for it….. Now where is that dadgum light!

  3. mom

    Ann keeps proving she was the catch of the year, decade, etc. Most wives, including me, probably wouldn’t be out cleaning engines for their husbands.

  4. Barry West

    Well Mom, I have to agree 100% with you! As we all know, “Mom knows best”! He’s one lucky man. I keep telling my wife too that’s she’s one lucky lady? Maybe I have that backwards?!?!

  5. Roger

    I also thought that R&P had closed shop I would also like you to share their contact information.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    R&P is closed for now, but John Vahey is still around. I’ve emailed his contact info to you both.

    – Dave

  7. Matt McCollum

    Those wire brushes scare the crap out of me, Ann needs to protect her pretty eyes.

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