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1956 DJ-3A Western Pennsylvania $3200

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This DJ-3A Convertible is #30 (SN #10030). It looks like they opted for a hardtop rather than a soft top. It’s been sitting in a barn for many years, but looks pretty stock. The jeep has a Sears Aluminum Deluxe top, so hopefully the floors are in good shape. You’ll see on the engine an original dry-type air filter. The engine compartment also has a washer bag, suggesting this has a windshield sprayer; I wonder if it was foot powered? t only has a single vacuum wiper (the passenger side is a hand wiper).  It may make a great restoration project. The seller listed it on Facebook here:

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12 Comments on “1956 DJ-3A Western Pennsylvania $3200

  1. Barry West

    Dave did the sears top come with that front visor as an option, an aftermarket item or just a good custom build? Now this is a barn find! If I win the lotto tonight I’d make them an offer they couldn’t refuse because this looks about as close to an untouched original as you can find. Very good example. I don’t think I will win the lotto though and wished I could come up with the money. This would be something I’d be proud to restore. I don’t use and will not use Facebook so I wonder if they have good interior photos?

  2. Colin Peabody

    I recorded this in our database when it first showed up. As close to the very beginning of DJ3A production as we have on record. This would be a good buy for anyone at this price.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I’ve posted all the useful photos that were posted to Facebook, so no need to be on FB to see it.

    You can see that the deluxe full top in this Sears ad is shown with the visor (#4 lower left top: The visor isn’t mentioned in the text of the ad, so I don’t know if it was extra or included with purchase.

    – Dave

  4. jesse ramirez

    Hey Dave I clicked on that link that you gave me but it says that that page has been expired would you know if the Jeep is still available or if you have any other information and how I can contact the seller

  5. Charles

    Jesse, that link leads to a members only Facebook page. Hopefully Dave will come up with usable contact info. That jeep looks like a gem of a barn find, especially with that #30 serial number.

    Also there ‘may’ still be a couple of items on it that aren’t shown in the pictures that could be significant in documenting early DJ3A Dispatcher history.

    I would LOVE to know if it’s still 6v or has been converted, if it still has a early King Seeley speedometer, and if it still has its original springs underneath it and how many leaves. Also if there’s anything left of the original soft top or bows from before the hard top was put on it.

    Dont worry, not wanting to buy the jeep but more of a historian type personality.

    But know this. Would pay fair money for any part of a original DJ3A convertible soft top. Any year. Even if it was rotten it might be useful for helping make a good pattern to duplicate one.

    Also $100.00 reward to anyone who knows of a upholstery shop that might have a correct pattern to work with and can make a authentic one from scratch.

    Charles Tate

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Charles, I emailed Jesse directly.

    From the seller I found out he knew of no top, but I doubt the family would have recognized what it was. I’ll ask about the springs and Speedo.

    – Dave

  7. David Eilers Post author


    Charles is not the owner of the jeep. But, he does have a DJ-3A Convertible that he’s been rebuilding.

    I have not heard back from Zach about the jeep yet.

    – Dave

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