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A Little Confused …

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A couple things confused me today. In this first example, we have at top the original gasket between the intake manifold and carb. On the bottom is the replacement gasket included in a rebuild kit. As you can see, it won’t work. Is the DJ-3A intake that unique? I know it uses a Carter YF 2392, so that’s unique.


Next up, the ends for the dragline. On the left is the new end and on the right the old one. The new one is taller and has shallower slots for installing it. The old end is shorter and has much deeper slots (those deeper slots are really helpful) . Anyone know why these are so different? Between the longer end and longer springs, I couldn’t put all the parts together around the bell crank arm (and I tried). In the end I was forced to use some old and some new parts.2017-06-24-draglink-end-piece-comparison

Note the difference in the spring heights. Try as I might, I could not compress the spring enough to install an end. I changed to the old end.2017-06-24-draglink-spring-comparison

Once I used some of the old parts, I was able to get the draglink installed.2017-06-24-draglink

I also installed the dual master cylinder. The rear brake line connected perfectly. I just had to add one bend. The front brake lines were a big problem. You’d think trying to locate an 3/16-1/4 adapter would be easy, but it turned into multiple trips to the auto store, where I hunted for the right sizes with the right threads. The staffs at two different auto stores were not useful (nice, but not helpful). So, this will work for now, but I’d like to get the proper adapter and remove the connectors and line on the right side. 2017-06-24-master-cylinder-brake

Sunday morning we’ll 1) bleed the brakes and then, if all goes well with that, 2) replace the front springs and then 3) drop in the engine.



16 Comments on “A Little Confused …

  1. CraigInPA

    Looks like you ended up at the plumbing supply store… The people behind the counters there know how to handle “generic” parts, unlike the dolts behind the counter of your typical AutoZone who will tell you that they can’t sell you spark plugs for your Willy’s because their computer doesn’t tell him which box they’re in behind the counter.

  2. Barry West

    LOL, but CraigInPA is right. I use Ace for any kind of brass or plastic adapters/reducers. Good to see the progress. I buy gasket material and make my own if I have a descent gasket left to trace. Now that is for the smaller gaskets.

  3. Marty Tilford

    I feel for you with making break lines. I took multiple trips to Baxters in Portland to get my parts. I think they had to order some adapters for me too. In the end im very happy with mine. Just take your time and do it right 🙂

  4. Bob in nc

    Get on it Dave or you’ll be driving with someone else instead of driving yourself. You will need some time to drive it around some before the big trip.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Bob: I think you are stating the obvious!
    Marty: Unfortunately, time isn’t on my side.
    Craig: The guy at Oreilly’s told me there system didn’t go back any farther than 1986, even though they carry spark plugs for some 30’s Fords.
    Andy: Good to know. I haven’t done much with l-heads.
    Seth: I’ll check them out.

  6. Dinesh

    The carb opening / mount on dj manifold other than being 90° rotated compared to others is wider in diameter. The studs used to tighten the carb are much apart than on a regular L head manifold.So any thing related to the routine 636s/sa or any other WO carb wouldn’t fit in.

  7. David Eilers Post author


    I just got in from the garage (9pm here). Thanks for the offer. Do you have any interest in the gasket I have? I don’t have any use for it. I can mail that to you. I’ll call you around noon your time tomorrow.

    – Dave

  8. Dave from Mn

    Just last week l was looking for the same adapter. Guy at o’reillys took me back to a cabinet of labeled drawers and l found it before he did.

  9. Scott H.

    I had the same problem with the spring and end cap problem with the draglink kit I bought. I ended up buying a new draggling which included the internal parts and caps which worked out better for me.

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