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Ad for an Autodyne Hardtop

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UPDATE: A search revealed a second ad, this time in the December 1968 issue of Desert Magazine (pg 34). That same issue also included ad for VW fenders by the same company (pg 42). 

This fiberglass hardtop for CJ-5s was advertised in the November 1968 issue of Four Wheeler. I’ve never run crossed one.


1968 Desert Magazine Ad of the VW fenders:



7 Comments on “Ad for an Autodyne Hardtop

  1. Barry West

    Ah hah, the AMC pacer design wormed its way into Jeep aftermarket equipment. I’ll tell you this much, with my run ins with one particular Law, those Windows wouldn’t last one week with me at the wheel. Of course, I’m talking Murphy’s Law.

  2. mike

    As I remember, the big drawback to the sale of this top was it’s high price compared to a typical metal top, almost twice the price plus shipping. The window design has a lot to do with maintaining structural integrity of a fiberglass top and the duel purpose of increased window visibility.
    You have to remember, this being 1968, a fiberglass hard top was a bit ahead of it’s time.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I was able to find a second Ad from the Dec 1968 issue of Desert Magazine. The shows doors in it and is taken from the passenger side corner. Those two ads are the only information I have seen about the top.

    – Dave

  4. Wes

    Thanks for the additional picture Dave! Would be great to see pics of this actual top outside of advertisements. Makes you wonder what happened to them?

  5. Barry West

    Maybe they were very heavy and awkward during R&R or the glass replacements were expensive. Without one of those corner glasses it would seem flimsy. And I can’t remember if the fiberglass was good back then. So I imagine, besides those issues and the looks, most of them went landfills.

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