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1968? CJ-5 w/ Auburn Trencher Storrs, CT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2800.

(12/04/2017) Ted’s selling this CJ-5. I estimate it to be around mid 1968, but that’s just a guess based on the serial number.

“For sale late sixties CJ5 Auburn Jeep A Trench . Starts, runs good and drives , clutch feels good , no brakes . Body’s kinda rough but frame looks pretty good . Havent had a chance to go over it well to check everything but seems to be pretty complete , missing one of the augers. PTO engages and shaft spins . Not very familiar with these units so will try my best to answer any questions. Looks complete enough to restore or get going and use as is, or would be a great parts donor for another Auburn Trencher unit. Front counter weight there ,as is the creeper gear , pto assembly, Fhead  Governor , overload springs ( Canfields or Koenigs ?) etc”

1968-cj5-trencher-ct-08 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-07 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-11 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-09


1968-cj5-trencher-ct-25 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-24 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-23 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-22 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-21 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-20 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-19 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-18 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-17 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-16 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-15 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-14 1968-cj5-trencher-ct-13


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