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Cross Greenland This Spring

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Seth shared this unusual opportunity. This Spring a group is crossing Greenland. The event is auctioning off a seat. The price starts at a meager $25k. Learn more on eBay



4 Comments on “Cross Greenland This Spring

  1. Tim

    Gee, if a seat goes for 25K+, I wonder how much the rest of the vehicle is!? Ha!
    I saw some rigs like these in Iceland a few years ago, very cool.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I think finding a more compelling photo to feature on eBay might help. The idea of paying $25k to drive on a foggy, flat sheet of ice isn’t the most compelling visual. I found a Flickr group with all kinds of prettier images of Greenland:

    Since 1985, crevasse’s have increased 13%. So, yes, watch for them! This early account of Greenland’s interior ice fields should highlight some of the struggles the crew could face:

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