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Custom-Flattie/Subaru Bonners Ferry, ID $1250

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $1250.

“1946 Willy’s Jeep with Subaru motor and chassis. A great project car that also runs.
We have more spare parts and extra tires and wheels too – all included.
Currently has a dead battery from sitting over the winter. We have used this on our property as a “mule” cart.
It is not titled, but I just called DMV and there is a simple process to take care of that to make it street legal.”






11 Comments on “Custom-Flattie/Subaru Bonners Ferry, ID $1250

  1. Stuart

    This is so awful, I’m speechless.

    On second thought: Maybe the $2000 should be paid to the person who will take it

  2. Bob

    Wow….just…wow. That is gawd awful ugly. Pretty much as bad as the “Yvette Yolanda” Jeep a few years ago!

    I was going to say the tailgate was nice too but I see I
    Was beaten to that

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