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Day 38/39 – Tues/Wed June 5th/6th: Road Home – Epilogue

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Day 38 & 39: Day 38, Tuesday, was my birthday. We spent the day in Salt Lake City doing almost nothing. We spent some time in the park and I played some guitar. Later, we went out to dinner with my boys. On Wednesday, we drove home to Pasco. Naturally, we had a hiccup: Our Verizon hotspot died (it was pretty old), so we stopped at where our trip started, the Verizon Store in Twin Falls, Idaho. We made it back to Pasco at 4pm PST, very tired.

I want to thank EVERYONE who welcomed us into their homes, offered advice on where we should go, met us at the Reunion, gave us tours, shared their jeeps and stories, purchased our posters and t-shirts, gave us gifts, donated money, bought us or made us dinner, and interacted with us along the way. Without ALL of you, these trips that we make would be far less interesting and enjoyable. Seeing jeeps is fun, but meeting people and seeing new places are the best parts. So, thanks for allowing us to be a part of your worlds, even if briefly.

TRIP STATS: 9,751 miles through 24 states over 39 days. Below is a rough map of the trip.


That’s it for the 2018 East Coast Willys Reunion trip!

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6 Comments on “Day 38/39 – Tues/Wed June 5th/6th: Road Home – Epilogue


    happy b-day — but as i stated in a previous post , its not fair that you and your mrs. get to travel over 2/3 of the united states when we ewillys posters have to sit here and ” rust away ” if i can quote my dear friend neil young ( lifelong willys aficionado ) i hope you folks had a good time and saw lots of one-off jeeps and got heartburn in some greasy roadkill diners … sincerely , bruce berry

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