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Eastward HO!: 2018 East Coast Trip

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OVERVIEW | Day 1: Sunday April 29th: It’s a Fluid Situation; at Least No Fluids Spilled! –>

UPDATE II: Because of events at the beginning of our East Coast trip, we were forced to change our planned routes (see original map at the bottom). As a result, this was actual route:


Original post from April 28th: On Thursday evening, we made it back to Pasco after successfully repairing the mower and my mother’s computer. Hurray!

We have a pile of things to accomplish before our goal of leaving on SUNDAY APRIL 29th. Ann’s managing the annual launch of the sprinkler system (from lawns to farms, she’s a water pro), meanwhile I did my klutzy best to set us back by sitting on my glasses. Sigh …. so I spent yesterday getting a new set of glasses. Fortunately, I’d already secured a prescription last week when I bought new contacts.

Now that Ann and I are on the same page in terms of travels (there was some initial confusion), we’ve scoped out the early part of our trip. Our first must-be-there date is Black Mountain, NC, on May 11th. The next is Aurora, Ohio, May 16th. Once we get to Missouri (which we think will be two days), we ought to be able to pin down our dates more specifically. Here’s the rough route:


On our agenda, are several jeep barns, a couple museums with early jeeps, the Pizza Hut museum (who knew?), Omix Ada museum, several family visits, the Midwest Willys Reunion, and much much more. Thanks to everyone who plan to share their jeeps, their homes and their stories with us!

  1. OVERVIEW: 2018 East Coast Trip
  2. Day 1: Sunday April 29th: It’s a Fluid Situation; at Least No Fluids Spilled!
  3. Day 2: Monday April 30th: Life’s Twists and Turns
  4. Day 3: Tuesday May 1: Weathering Oz
  5. Day 4 – Wednesday May 2: Old Friends
  6. Day 5 – Thursday May 3: Rainy Day Quilts
  7. Day 6 – Friday May 4: Parker To the Rescue!
  8. Day 7 – Saturday May 5: There’s a Coffee Shop Here?
  9. Day 8 – Sunday May 6: Somber to Soda
  10. Day 9 – Mon May 7: Jeeps, Rest & Laundry
  11. Day 10 – Tues May 8: Laurel, Hardy & Wood Cars
  12. Day 11- Wed. May 9th: Exploring the Palmetto State
  13. Day 12 – Thurs. May 10th: Willys to Hawgs
  14. Day 13 – Friday May 11th: Lawrence & Lubbeck
  15. Day 14 – Sat. May 12th: Ann Gets the Boot
  16. Day 15 – Sunday May 13th: Great Scott, Another Jungle Jims?
  17. Day 16 – Monday May 14th: Drive Them Jeeps!
  18. Day 17 – Tuesday May 15th: Cheese N’ Hardware
  19. Day 18 – Wed. May 16th: We’ve Arrived in Aurora
  20. Day 19 – Thurs. May 17th: No Rain Yet …
  21. Day 20 – Friday May 18th: Reunion Day 1
  22. Day 21 – Saturday May 19th: Mr. Infamous
  23. Day 22 – Sunday May 20th: Hittin’ The Road
  24. Day 23 – Mon. May 21st: From Summer Santa to the Police Academy
  25. Day 24 – Tuesday May 22: Rain N’ Fog in Coal Country
  26. Day 25 – Wednesday May 23rd: Steel, Strings & Sellersville
  27. Day 26 – Thursday May 24th: Architecture & Organs
  28. Day 27 & Day 28 – Fri/Sat May 25th/26th: What is Happening?
  29. Day 29 – Sunday May 27th: The Exley House Curse
  30. Day 30 – Monday May 28th: Grilling in the Rain
  31. Day 31 – Tuesday May 29th: Nous aurons toujours Paris
  32. Day 32 – Wednesday May 30th: Little Town, Big Ideas
  33. Day 33 – Thursday May 31st: Getting Our Kicks on Route 66
  34. Day 34 – Friday June 1st: The Route of Confusion
  35. Day 35 – Saturday June 2nd: Following the Western Cattle Trail
  36. Day 36 – Sunday June 3rd: Leaving The Plains
  37. Day 37 – Monday June 4th: Up and Over the Rockies
  38. Day 38/39 – Tues/Wed June 5th/6th: Road Home – Epilogue

OVERVIEW |  Day 1: Sunday April 29th: It’s a Fluid Situation; at Least No Fluids Spilled! –>


6 Comments on “Eastward HO!: 2018 East Coast Trip

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Chris,

    The route shows us going over I-70, but I’d actually planned to take the southern route from Grand Junction over Monarch Pass (to drop a SLAG book off at the visitor’s shop there) and then drop a couple of SLAG books off at the Pueblo County Library in Pueblo. I know snow is expected later this week for Monarch Pass, so that route may change as we get updated forecasts. So, it’s a fluid situation.

    That said, we’ll be back in Colorado again at some point, so I’d love a rain check!

    – Dave

  2. Paul Chandler

    Stopping in Delaware? Should let me know when, I can show my jeep(not a cj2a, but I’m still searching) 2016 wrangler unlimited 75th anniversary edition. Quite a jem

  3. Dan D

    Hey Dave,
    If you hit I35 N after Davenport you will go right by our place and get on I90 to SD.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Dan, I was in a rush when I made the map and didn’t get the chance to adjust it for visiting you but you are stilling our plans. We do plan to head north up 35. And congrats on the new career!

    – Dave

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