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1960 Wagon Four Door Dayton, VA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was on ebay

(last listed on ebay in Jan 2015) “This is a custom, one-off Willy’s Jeep. It was made for Henry Kaiser, when he retired to Hawaii and became involved in tourism and land development. He had the custom pink long-wheelbase Willys wagon built for exploring the island. Kaiser’s wife loved pink and all of his construction equipment was painted pink, so that seems to be where the pink color for the Jeep came from. This can all be seen on the following web page, along with a photo (which is the black and white photo provided in the photos of the vehicle) of the Jeep in Hawaii :

We also have documentation from the Kaiser Jeep Corporation stating that this Jeep is an authentic one of a kind Jeep. Please only serious inquiries only and please do not try to convince us that we are wrong about it being a one of a kind, this is most definitely not a railroad Jeep. We know what we have and are willing to answer questions of those with serious inquiries about this vehicle.”

1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va1 1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va2

1960-wagon-4door-dayton-va 1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va3 1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va4


The seller claims to have documentation to prove that this is the only four door limo-like wagon made. to Willys Country this wagon was once used as a limo for an airport. Whether there was only one built or remains an undocumented issue at this point. Is the wagon above the same one that’s in the photo below? Hard to say for sure.



21 Comments on “1960 Wagon Four Door Dayton, VA **Status Unknown**

  1. MATT

    Need to let Paul Berry (Willy’s America) know about this one. Looks like most of the seats are still there.. wow, great find.

  2. CraigInPA

    The green triple sunroof is pretty interesting.

    This one creates a dilemma for the new owner. If it’s truly a one of one and it was originally pink (as the interior shows), and pink does not appeal to you, is it sacrilegious to change the color?

  3. Lew

    Good call Matt. Paul Berry is exactly the person to own this, restore it, and keep at his “museum”. She’s a beauty and I hope she goes to the right person.

  4. rdjeep

    The greenish roof glass tint is about right for the that time, based on other pictures I’ve seen of that period. I wonder if the tint casts weird colors against the pink interior parts? Looking at B&W shot, I’m guessing that the exterior was pink and white, so maybe not such a bad combo?

  5. Vernon Haggard


  6. Amy Evans

    Well as silly as this may sound to the collectors out there… I am in love with this and could only dream to see it as my community garden delivery vehicle! Absolutely beautiful!

  7. David Eilers

    Amy, nothing silly about it. Restoring it and putting it to good use seems a great way to utilize the vehicle. It’s certainly better than it sitting there and rusting away.

    – Dave

  8. Mike

    Four years later, and it’s still for sale, by now the seller must be saying to himself, “That pot of gold, where is it?”

  9. Andrew

    I have a picture of that JEEP Wagon on my office wall.
    It is from when it was for sale on Ebay 15 years ago.
    I think is was in MO at the time and thy wanted $1500.00 for it and thy
    also had the 4 door pickup about the same price .
    I did not have the money at that time.

    Looks like nothing has been doon to it. and then no doc. on it . I think no title eather.

  10. Dan B.

    Would love to see it, no matter what the quality. Can you please email it to me (scramboleer@yahoo) or Dave here?

  11. Mike

    On a serious note, (Yes I can be serious when required) no doubt about the unique value of this wagon. What I think is a deterrent to it’s sale is the cost of restoration, way too much time and money for the average person to invest. This is the perfect vehicle to be restored by one of the big corporate names like Fiat Chrysler or even OMIX ADA, they have the resources to do a top notch restoration and would enhance their standing with the buying public. Upon completion, the wagon could be used for advertising purposes, them donated to a Worthy, museum. Submitted for your consideration.

  12. Colin Peabody

    If the serial number of this jeep has a model number that reads 54068-04 and a serial number that reads 10004, then this could very well be the one listed in the Production figures for Willys in 1960. There was only one listed with that number configuration. It was listed as follows: 6 226 4×4 AMB 54068-04 10004.
    Other vehicles listed above it were 6-226 4X4 AMB 54068-03, serial numbers beginning with 10097 and ending with 10204 with 108 units being built.
    Interesting to note is that the black and white photo shows 12 men in the picture. There could have been 8 men in the station wagon and 4 men in the pickup truck behind it if that was indeed the 4 door truck mate to the wagon, plus the guy taking the photo.

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