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1948 Popular Homecraft’s Wander Wagon Junior

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UPDATE: The complete set of plans for the Wander Wagon is shown below. Previously, I’d only had the first part of the build scanned.

In 1948 Popular Homecraft Magazine did a two article series on the construction of a home built Jeep Station Wagon. The name for the custom wagon was the Wander Wagon Junior. The project was shared with readers over two issues, the 1948 Jan-Feb issue and the 1948 Mar-Apr issue. I was finally able to locate a copy of the Mar-Apr issue, so now the full build is shown below.

PART I: January-February 1948 issue:

1948-jan-feb-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon3-lores 1948-jan-feb-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon4-lores 1948-jan-feb-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon5-lores 1948-jan-feb-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon6-lores

1948-jan-feb-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon7-lores 1948-jan-feb-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon8-lores

PART II: March-April 1948 issue:

1948-march-april-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon0-lores 1948-march-april-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon1-lores 1948-march-april-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon2-lores 1948-march-april-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon3-lores 1948-march-april-home-woodcraft-wander-wagon4-lores



5 Comments on “1948 Popular Homecraft’s Wander Wagon Junior

  1. Ed

    Not sure why people with bad bodies don’t make one of these…hides a lot digs and dents.
    People love woodys at car shows.

  2. Gayland Leddy

    I was wondering the same thing. Or bodies where the rear is mangled/rotted beyound repair.

  3. Tom

    I agree. i have a 50 cj that is just about completely gone behind the cowl. I think ill strech the frame for more room and proper scale and try this!

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Sounds like a great project. Let us know how it goes! I can send you hi resolution images of the article if it will help.

    – Dave

  5. Gayland Leddy

    Nothing is beyond repair. Maybe beyond your means, time or talent (that is where my problems lie), but not beyond repair.

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