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Willys Special Service Tools Brochure

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This Essential Special Service Tools brochure by the Miller Manufacturing Company appears to have been first published in late 1945 or early 1946 (I’m assuming this based on the Willys-Cars-Trucks-J sign on the cover). It was then updated with this second edition in December of 1948.

These aren’t best scans, so I’ve had to do repairs in Photoshop. I’ve actually had this digital brochure scan for several years, but finally had a chance to assembled the scans yesterday, after Maury noted that this has the Willys sign, which would make it the latest document we’ve found with the Willys-Cars-Trucks-J sign on it. There’s a companion brochure for Trucks in the post below.






2 Comments on “Willys Special Service Tools Brochure

  1. John North Willys

    heres my special willys overland service tools — vice-grips , duct tape , Permatex no. 1 , coffee cans ( muffler work ) , messenger wire ( cable tv specialty item ) ( plastic coated stainless steel wire ) rustoleum , lead fuel additive , flat blade screwdriver , nu-finish car wax ( keeps rust at bay )

  2. Mike

    Sounds like my workbench. I remember in 1962 when my dad duct taped the fender mounted turn signal back in position on the drivers side fender of his 1950 CJ3A. We called it DUCK tape because it stayed stuck in the rain. Vice Grips, another miracle tool I attribute to my father, today I have a Vise Grip collection.

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