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Sportif-looking JeepRod Sand Canyon, TX **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $2500.

(11/29/2018) This oddity reminded me of the Willys Sportif prototype (seen at bottom).

modified-wagon-sportif-like2 modified-wagon-sportif-like3 modified-wagon-sportif-like4

Photo before paint:


“This is a Rat Rod, bucket, vintage, or What every you want to call it, this is what it is.
This is a one of a kind never will you see this again.
It was built in 86 so I am to believe but I think it was built earlier as it appears to have pre- mig welder welds that look cool.
This was a full custom job when it was done and someone left it for dead.
This is a 41 Willy’s chassis.
(Registered as a 41)
The body is a 47/48 Willy’s Wagon that has been sectioned about 9 inches the whole length of body.
Odviously the top was cut off and a truck style top added on that seems to be hand built.
Drive train is a mid 60s ford I6
With a Zenith/Stromberg side draft carb from a Trimph, Volvo, Jag or similar car.
Trans is a T-96.
Runs Drives and stops.
Odvioulsy needs some work but non the less a bitchen platform.
This has so much potential it is crazy.
Some of my ideas are;
Lowered rat rod style.
Gasser style.
Off road.
S10 frame swap.

Willys Motors Sportif Prototype:


Willys “Sportif”, a prototype 2WD jeep, is shown for comparison with the custom jeep below. I thought I’d done a post on these vehicles, but I guess I hadn’t (yet).


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