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Pages From Mid-1960s Brian Chuchua’s Catalog

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UPDATE II: See more scans from this catalog here:

UPDATE: More Scans from Brian Chuchua’s Catalog (the ones from the previous post are also included.


The back cover notes that Brian Chuchua’s is a charter member of SEMA.
brian-chuchua-catalog-117-back brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg1

A rare McCain Hub sighting:brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg2

This may be the earliest ad I’ve seen for fiberglass bodies. brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg4

These velvetouch brakes linings were impressive. Dad had a set on his CJ-5 and it was like having power brakes. brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg11

I have 2 Volta-drops on Patterson (1956 Dj-3A) along with the Scout Map Compartment mounted on the dash. I didn’t know the latter was something that was an aftermarket item.brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg40 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg41


This section of scans was posted June 8th, 2019: These six pages come from a 1966ish Brian Chuchua’s Catalog (#177). There’s some cool stuff here.

Some cool stuff on this page (inside cover page).


Brian was selling what looks to be the DJ-3A gas tank as a replacement tank for other jeeps. I also don’t think I’ve run across any of those fender gas tanks. Also, the step bumpers often documented finally have a name: Con-Ferr bumpers.


I didn’t realize Kelly was selling Kelly hubs into the mid 1960s.






8 Comments on “Pages From Mid-1960s Brian Chuchua’s Catalog

  1. Chris R

    Very cool Dave! I have the Zeus lighter and some of the cuff links. Most of these I have seen before minus the Bolo Tie! I wear bolo ties! I saw a tape measure at a flea market booth two years ago and the guy wanted $200 for it…I walked away, came back 15 minutes later and he had sold it.
    Snooze you lose right?
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I thought that Bolo tie was pretty cool, too. $200 for the tape measure? Yeah, I’d have to think about that one, too.

  3. Maury

    Looking at the Warn hub listings in this catalog for Jeep / Scout (which for a period of time both used Dana 27 10-spline front axles), there are two listed: a WL-1 Locking hub, and a WL-2 Automatic hub.

    This is interesting, as Warn catalogs for Jeep vehicles during the mid-60’s show the WL-2 as the model number for the manual locking hub, and the W0-1 as the automatic hub for that axle. (see )


    I used to know brian back in the day , when jeeps were made of steel , not plastic , in the old days we had brian , archer brothers jeep supply in hayward , cal , specialty jeep parts , the jeepster man , 4 wheel parts , acme jeep parts — now everything is made overseas , india , Pakistan , south Dakota , its a damn shame …

  5. Colin Peabody

    Brian Chuchua took over a few of the items that Vic Hickey had manufactured and sold in the 1950s, including the aluminum cylinder head for the L-134 Go Devil engine. It was the same head, but with Brian’s name on it. The gas tank he was selling that fits behind the rear axle ahead of the rear cross member is very similar to the tank used on the FC-150s, just turned on its side as opposed to lying flat.

  6. Dan B.

    Thanks for posting. I’d love to see more pictures of other pages.

    I bought the money clip (A) off eBay a while ago. Always thought it was a repro.

  7. Michael

    Colin—does the gas tank you mentioned look like one for the DJ-3A? Same location on the Jeep frame and really looks like the one I have-but much better condition.

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