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Brian Chuchua Catalog Pages

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These are the final scans from Brian Chucha’s catalog (see the earlier scans here). I’ll eventually combine these altogether.

Thanks to Maury, I’ve recently purchased a Con-Ferr catalog from the early 1970s which ought to have a whole lot of interesting content, too. I should have some scans of that in early August.

brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg08 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg09 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg20 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg21

brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg26 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg27 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg28 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg29 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg30 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg31 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg32 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg33 brian-chuchua-catalog-117pg42


2 Comments on “Brian Chuchua Catalog Pages

  1. peter45cj

    Wow even when you inflate the dollar value from then to now these parts were a bargain. I;ll bet there would be a lot of interest if some of these things were available as new parts again. I really appreciate your efforts tracking things like this down. very entertaining and useful info.

  2. John North Willys

    the best deal there is those Bendix 11″ brake kits — those are exactly what the doctor ordered for old jeeps — especially if you had an early cj with the life threatening 9″ brakes , those were absolutely WORTHLESS !! and ( dangerous ) — they were also way better than the willy utility models 11″ brakes — I installed a kit on my 48 model 4wd truck in 1972 , frankly , they stop like POWER BRAKES !!

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