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1951 CJ-3A Phoenicia, NY $9000


UPDATE: Price now $9000. Contact Andy at for more info.






“For your consideration the beautiful 1951 Willys CJ3a jeep. This is essentially grandpa’s favorite..little red rig. This jeep has been garage kept and taken care of for most of it’s life ..was in pretty decent shape before the restoration was done on it. Been about 15 years now so it’s showing it’s age a little bit but is very presentable and overall very nice

The jeep has its original 134 four-cylinder engine and T 90 three speed transmission. both units have been rebuilt and run excellent there is no smoking or unusual noises from the engine. The transmission and clutch shift fine in the work as new. Suspension had new leaf springs installed as well as brakes over all. Tires are new ….jeep runs and drives as it should.

Electrical system is still the original 6 V with generator and regulator also turn signals have been added which are easily removed if one wishes to go completely original.

Interior has the original seat frames including rear seat with new tan vinyl upholstery. Overall the body shows very well, there are some flaws in the paint as this restoration was done over 15 years ago. During restoration there were repairs done in the front floor..not noticeable and by no means was it ever a rust bucket. * overall it is very nicely done and a solid example for a 1950s jeep *

The vintage soft top has a seam giving up in the left rear corner which could easily be stitched by an upholstery shop.”


5 Comments on “1951 CJ-3A Phoenicia, NY $9000

  1. Mike

    This is a very nice old Jeep, I like it, Mikey like’s it. The following is not meant to be taken as criticism, but I do notice the absence of drain holes on the tub, just pointing this out. Never did like those drain holes, too much cold air in the winter, I filled them on my 48. My dad used to stuff cardboard in them so my mom wouldn’t freeze her toes. Andy has a nice setup, where does he find all these Jeeps? This would be a nice fun way to supplement your Social Security.

  2. Andy

    Thanks.. For the nice comment.
    this is the way I found the jeep somebody had repaired the front floors already overall it’s pretty nice obviously it’s not 100% correct but it was done well and everything works including the turn signals which is a plus….. I’m open to offers also thanks

  3. bob in NC

    yes it looks like a nice old jeep. however, i would not buy a jeep without the original drain holes. only want original. and besides, the drain holes make it easy to park on a incline and wash the inside of your jeep out with a hose.


    drain holes ? — my 67 cj6 has em , on the floor , little rotating cover over them , thumb screw , Kaiser jeep part no. 987325

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