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1970 Con-Ferr Catalog Pages 1-19 plus Covers

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Below is the Initial post of Con-Ferr Catalog, pages 1-19 plus covers.
This post contains 24 pages from an undated Con-Ferr 100-page catalog, one that I’d guess is from 1970.

The Southern California company of Con-Ferr was founded in 1961 by Pete Condos & Frank Ferro (hence the Con-Ferr), though eventually Pete bought out Frank to become sole owner.

Pete had a background in Scouts, while Frank had a background in Jeeps. Their goal was to provide speciality off-road products for both types of vehicles. To that end, not only did they run their parts shop in Burbank, California, they also built custom jeeps like the Convert Cougar and the Super Jeep. Pete’s driver, Bill Haddad, drove Condo’s race jeeps to 18 victories in the 21 races in which he entered.

Pete would go on to co-found the National Off-Road Racing Association (NORRA) in 1966, which produced races like the Baja 1000 and Mint 500. During that time, Condos also produced racing vehicles for other folks, such as  off-road racers for Steve McQueen and James Garner.

At the time the catalog was published, Con-Ferr billed itself as America’s largest Off-Road vehicle accessory provider and had more than 44,000 square feet of storage, work, and retail space. It was an authorized dealer of Kaiser Jeep, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Manx.

1970-conferr-catalog-pg00-front-cover 1970-conferr-catalog-pg00-back-cover 1970-conferr-catalog-pg97 1970-conferr-catalog-pg96 1970-conferr-catalog-pg00-introduction

1970-conferr-catalog-pg01 1970-conferr-catalog-pg02 1970-conferr-catalog-pg03 1970-conferr-catalog-pg04 1970-conferr-catalog-pg05 1970-conferr-catalog-pg06 1970-conferr-catalog-pg07 1970-conferr-catalog-pg08 1970-conferr-catalog-pg09 1970-conferr-catalog-pg10 1970-conferr-catalog-pg11 1970-conferr-catalog-pg12 1970-conferr-catalog-pg13 1970-conferr-catalog-pg14 1970-conferr-catalog-pg15 1970-conferr-catalog-pg16 1970-conferr-catalog-pg17 1970-conferr-catalog-pg18 1970-conferr-catalog-pg19

View pages 1-20 plus Covers and History:
View pages 20-42:
View pages 42-96:



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