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1970 Con-Ferr Catalog Pages 20-42

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Below is the second set of 1970 Con-Ferr Catalog pages.

View pages 1-20 plus Covers and History:
View pages 20-42:
View pages 42-96:

1970-conferr-catalog-pg20 1970-conferr-catalog-pg21 1970-conferr-catalog-pg22 1970-conferr-catalog-pg23 1970-conferr-catalog-pg24

1970-conferr-catalog-pg25 1970-conferr-catalog-pg26 1970-conferr-catalog-pg27 1970-conferr-catalog-pg28

1970-conferr-catalog-pg29 1970-conferr-catalog-pg30 1970-conferr-catalog-pg31 1970-conferr-catalog-pg32 1970-conferr-catalog-pg33 1970-conferr-catalog-pg34 1970-conferr-catalog-pg35

1970-conferr-catalog-pg35 1970-conferr-catalog-pg36 1970-conferr-catalog-pg37 1970-conferr-catalog-pg38 1970-conferr-catalog-pg39 1970-conferr-catalog-pg40 1970-conferr-catalog-pg41

View pages 1-20 plus Covers and History:
View pages 20-42:
View pages 42-96:


2 Comments on “1970 Con-Ferr Catalog Pages 20-42

  1. Mark

    Looking at these swing aways reminded me of the one I had on MY 72 commando. I had mounted it so that it followed the slanted rear/tailgate and hatch. when it was closed the spare sat in the middle and I had moved and set up a connected number plate light and mount to the left of the tire. I had a quick connect on the cable so it would swing away to access the rear. A surprise was however when it was swung open it would (due to the angle ) swing up in the air. had to be care full it didn’t swing back and nail you. (Got me once or twice). I also had a Blitz Can mount on the drivers side which came in handy a lot being that the jeep ad the 304 v8 and like a 21 gal gas tank. Literaly got me out of the woods more than once!

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