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Day 12 Aug 13: Alternator Blues

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Great group shot of the crew along the Cabot Trail. Despite the rain, everyone’s having fun.

The crew spent Monday night on the ferry from Newfoundland. On Tuesday they drove around Cabot Trail, then, due to Joe’s breakdown, had to rework their schedule, so instead of making Price Edward Island, they camped at Hyclass Ocean Campground (same place they camped Tuesday night).


Tuesday’s drive along Cabot Trail.

Our intrepid crew left their overnight ferry yesterday, but it didn’t take long for Joe to run into trouble. The brand new alternator he’d purchased a few days earlier had a bearing go bad, making it sound like it might literally explode. Fortunately, CarQuest was willing to deliver one to him. So, they waited for a while.

2019-08-13-joe-waiting 2019-08-13-pei-joe-breakdown2

These three didn’t let Joe’s alternator get them down. They went for a walk (food gathering perhaps? Trouble making?).2019-08-13-pei-kevin-jim-bill

As they walked, Jim wrote a new song, which I’ve titled, “Alternator Blues” … you’ll notice he still has a lot of work left on it…

Eventually, the delivery driver cometh …


Naturally, it wouldn’t be a jeep event if three folks weren’t standing around offering advice to the one person who knew what he was doing (Joe is just in front of Scott installing the alternator).



After a long wait, it took only 10 minutes to install the alternator and they were back on the road. Their goal was to wind along Cabot Trail, near Cape Breton National Park, next to the coast. The drive is a 185 mile loop that at least one site recommends three-days to see it all; naturally, the Newfoundland crew will do it over several hours.


The weather was good at first:




IMG_0097 IMG_0099

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold out forever. Soon, the rains fell.

IMG_0101 IMG_0100

The rains subsided and the crew shot some more photos. As you can see in this photo, the road along the coast is full of hills; drivers have to keep their eyes on the road!




IMG_0119 IMG_0120


Naturally, being summer, there had to be some road construction somewhere:

IMG_0113 IMG_0114

I’m not sure which crew member was felling artsy, but someone was having fun:


In the evening, the hungry adventurers grabbed some grub at the Miller Seafood and Chop House, as there was something for everyone there. If Yelp is any indication, it looks like the had some good meals.

Tuesday night they arrived late at night to the HyClass Beach Campground. On Wednesday, I expect they will take the ferry to Prince Edward Island, but they’ve outsmarted me before, so we’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s report to know more.

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