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Year? CJ-3B Tucson, AZ Parting Out


UPDATE: A similar CJ-3B sold in 2014:

This may have a gov plate on the driver’s side dash. The jeep certainly got some unusual, seemingly purpose-driven mods.

“Parting out a willys cj3b lots of good parts . located at willys works jeep parts . ask for Rob.”

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7 Comments on “Year? CJ-3B Tucson, AZ Parting Out

  1. Dan

    This is a very rare factory built Airport Jeep. NOTHING MODED. (Reference: Jim Allen’s Cj3b Info Page-Airport Jeeps). IT SHOULD NOT BE PARTED OUT. It needs to be preserved, driven, showed, and enjoyed. This guy has an old Jeep and truck business near Tucson. Someone convince seller to save this rare piece of history and sell as whole.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Dan and Bob,

    I feel like I’ve seen this jeep or seen one modified in a similar way. This one would be a neat one to restore. I know it’s an odd one, but I do have an affinity for the odd jeeps, especially purpose-modified jeeps.

    – Dave

  3. Bob in nc

    Yes if it wasn’t in such band shape the blue one would be nice. Expecially if you were a pilot or worker at an airport. But overall would rather have a regular cj3b. Seat is missing, how she look underneath?

    Maybe Dan is right. Maybe these airport Jeep’s are worth more than a regular one.

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