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Carson’s “CarCraft” Hardtop

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UPDATE: This post started out as a post about Koenig hardtops, but that lead to updates on the Car Craft and Blue Star hardtops. I should have the Koenig post done for Saturday morning.

This updated post provides more info on the CARCRAFT hardtop. An early Special Equipment catalog contained two different versions of the Carson Machine & Supply Company’s Car Craft brochure. I’ve added a third brochure at the bottom which I’d found off of eBay years ago. Here are two real-world examples: one jeep and another jeep.

This brochure was published back in 2017. It features a CJ-2A and does not have the stylized CARCRAFT branding. Instead, it shows a plain “Car Craft” brand with a space added.

1948-equipbook-carson-carcraft-hardtops1 1948-equipbook-carson-carcraft-hardtops2

This is the first time I’ve published this brochure. It includes the new CARCRAFT branding and used a CJ-3A jeep:

Scanned Document Scanned Document


This brochure was available on eBay in 2013.  It appears to be the company’s signature brochure for the hardtop. I haven’t tracked down another copy:


1949-carcraft-top-carson-supply-brochure7 1949-carcraft-top-carson-supply-brochure6 1949-carcraft-top-carson-supply-brochure5 1949-carcraft-top-carson-supply-brochure4 1949-carcraft-top-carson-supply-brochure3 1949-carcraft-top-carson-supply-brochure2 1949-carcraft-top-carson-supply-brochure1


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