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CJ-5/M-38A1 Meyer Hardtop Corinth, KY Free?


UPDATE: May not be free after all.

Roger Martin spotted this Free hardtop.

“Make offer need gone heavy metal doors windows still in tact. Cab is missing one smaller window on side garage kept until this week Was told it fits a cj 5 from 65 to 75 models”

meyer-hardtop-corinth-ky0 meyer-hardtop-corinth-ky1 meyer-hardtop-corinth-ky2


6 Comments on “CJ-5/M-38A1 Meyer Hardtop Corinth, KY Free?

  1. Brad

    I live close and messaged, said they turned down a $1000 offer for doors top and grill guard. So not free like listed.

  2. Mike

    I never understand why a seller posts as FREE, when in reality he wants money. Very deceiving, not going to sell this way.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Mike … I’ve never listed anything on FB Marketplace. But, imagine that the seller didn’t mean to confuse folks and had never listed on FB Marketplace … Just maybe the seller tried NOT to put a price or put $0 (as there might not be a ‘make offer’ option??) and the system automatically listed it as FREE?

    I’m just trying to think outside the box here.

    As far as I’m concerned, FB Marketplace can go away. For all its minimalism and local focus, at least Craigslist has tried to make advances. FB, with all it’s resources, appears to have no interest in improving the system and seems to have little incentive to make it better (climbs off soap box).

  4. Mike

    Dave, I agree with you about FB Marketplace, I have encountered this situation a number of times, listed free and find out there’s a price to pay. Granted knowing this as a seller, why deceive buyers? list even a minimal price, then within your description, state open to offers or something similar. So many people are just plain lazy when it comes to writing descriptive posts. I guess this is the society we live in, we no longer know how to communicate.

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