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MB Wrecker Garage Sully in Paris

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French site credits Serge Hiltenfinck with owning (and probably restoring) this 1943 MB “Garage Sully”-branded tow jeep. This photo was taken as part of vintage car meet in Ostheim, Germany.


” Serge Hiltenfinck had released this amazing Jeep wrecker from 1943, alongside the Daimler truck firefighters Jebsheim, which also dates from 1943.”

These two photos were posted to Flickr by Tobias Hartmann.


4 Comments on “MB Wrecker Garage Sully in Paris

  1. Ted Jordan

    Kinda look like a set of solid disc wheels I have that might have been military Swiss
    If you search (can anyone identify these tires and wheels) on Dave’s site it will bring you to the old post with a few helpful comments and pics of mine. Really cool wheels

  2. Dave from Mn

    One of the first things I noticed was the rims also. Interesting top also, never seen a tow boom covered up like that. If the cars weight is on the Jeep it’s not squatting.

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