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May 1961 Big Family Brochure Fearing a Bunny Theme

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This May 1961 brochure extolled the virtues of the Jeep Family of vehicles. It is Form No. DM61-05.


This page is 8.5″ x 11″1961-05-big-family-jeep-family-bunnies2-lores

This Page is 17″ x 11″1961-05-big-family-jeep-family-bunnies3-lores



3 Comments on “May 1961 Big Family Brochure Fearing a Bunny Theme

  1. Mike

    These brochures, Bunnies and Kangaroo are very different from previous Willys advertising, I would think this was an effort to expand market share. So drastically different from previous brochures, maybe even a different advertising agency. This is a question I’ve often thought about, who were the agencies hired to promote the Willys Jeep vehicles?

  2. Colin Peabody

    That dealership in Wiscassett isn’t far from where our buddy Glenn lives, he may have been to that old dealership before!

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